Re: [Yaffs] Yaffs2 on a Linux 2.4 kernel

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To: cdhmanning
CC: yaffs
Subject: Re: [Yaffs] Yaffs2 on a Linux 2.4 kernel
Hi Charles,

Thanks very much for the help.

Sorry, our actual kernel version is linux-2.6.22-rc7

Given that, what is the last release of (git tag) yaffs2 that supports that version?

> That is most likely due to NAND driver issues rather than Yaffs itself.

Okay, thanks much for the tip. I'm somewhat familiar with the NAND driver but if you have any specific clues as to what to focus on, I'd sure appreciate it.

> Can you tell me what NAND part you are now using?

The current devices are:

SAMSUNG, part number K9F1208U0C-JIB00

MICRON, part number NAND512W3A2SZA6E

The part we are trying to get working is:

Micron MT29F1G08ABAEAWP 1Gb x8, x16

Thanks again for the help.