[Yaffs] Direct YAFFS integration in an embedded application

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Author: Ghaith Oueslati
To: yaffs
Subject: [Yaffs] Direct YAFFS integration in an embedded application
Dear all,

I'm a newcomer to Yaffs . I want to port yaffs2 to STM32. I took a look at
the web site <https://yaffs.net/> https://yaffs.net/ , especially
<https://yaffs.net/documents/how-yaffs-works> How Yaffs works,
<https://yaffs.net/documents/yaffs-tuning> Yaffs Tuning and
<https://yaffs.net/documents/yaffs-direct-interface> Yaffs Direct Interface

My questions are:

1.    What are the source and header files needed to interface cleanly in
Direct Interface YAFFS2 ?
2.    What is the interface file between NAND memory and Direct Interface
3.    Can you give me a project on any C compiler to get an idea about the
integration model ? 
4.    Can you give me an idea about the required footprint ROM/RAM?
5.    What are the first steps to follow to run the Yaffs Direct Interface

Best Regards,