Re: [Yaffs] Where can I get the Yaffs -for-VxWorks related s…

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Autor: Patrice LAPORTE
Asunto: Re: [Yaffs] Where can I get the Yaffs -for-VxWorks related source code?

I was asking myself the exact same question, I can’t realy figure it out. In case you wonder to ask Wind River how if they support it, forget it : I already ask them, the answer is “we do not support yaffs, please check this directly with our partner aleph one ”



On 2017-03-10 06:28, 旷野的呼唤 wrote:
> Hello,
> Where can I get the yaffs-for-vxworks related source code?
> By reading from,
> I got that yaffs has add supports for the vxworks, but I can find the source code about it in the yaffs source code,
> for example: yaffx_vx_glue.c.
> Could you please give some suggestions?
> Thanks!
> Carl