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Stress Management Information

Sections of this page describe what Biofeedback is, how it relates to Stress Management. and how some of the instruments work. A list of Symptoms and relevant products helps you find your way. It links to further documentation and other resources around the world.

Symptoms and aids

A list showing which of our products can help with particular symptoms, with links to details of those products.

Stress Management

You can do a lot to manage the stress in your life. You often feel you are just the victim; you would like to relax or something but you just can‘t. We offer a number of cassettes, books and gadgets that you can use to help control the way you react to stressful situations. Some of these are very general, and some are suitable for more particular situations and symptoms. They have in common that they help you to help yourself. Several of them help you to relax. Given a chance your body will tend to relax; you do this each night when you fall asleep. We can make it easier for you to get relaxed.

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